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At emediasearch, we take partnership very seriously. In fact, every client is a partner. The success of our clients directly impacts ours. In order for us to continue to serve our clients with a world-class service, we continue to seek regional and international partners to be a part of our endeavours.

inewsnetwork is the leading global network upon which media monitors proactively search, filter, and redistribute relevant international content to their clients.

inewsnetwork is a technology company providing enhanced services to the global media monitoring industry. inewsnetwork enables media monitoring firms to source, share, and re-distribute out-of-market media content to clients from local, national, and international sources.

Collectively, inewsnetwork affiliates share and distribute media content that reaches all major media markets in 80 countries on 5 different continents.

Exclusive words... on time, on demand. That, in a nutshell, is what Content Syndicate is all about. We offer a bouquet of customized creative services, based on your specific requirements.

We're talking news, feature articles, translation, brochures, journals, press releases, white papers, websites and marketing campaigns across platforms, media and languages. Utilizing a worldwide consortium of creative talent . editors, writers, translators, photographers and freelancers located in all the major cities of the world.

Making the content you receive not simply that of the highest quality, but something that has been crafted solely for your particular needs. Delivered right to your laptop in the quickest possible turn-around time. Effectively, harnessing the potential of the internet to create a global creative platform. One that makes a powerfully positive impact on your bottom line.

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